Where is MedRen 2015

The conference will be held at the Université libre de Bruxelles, Campus du Solbosch, Bâtiment A. This building is accessible from  Avenue Franklin Roosevelt 50 or Avenue Adolphe Buyl (entry Y on the map).


Avenue Roosvelt




2/07/2015: Heavy road works on Avenue Buyl cause a slight change with btrams and buses. Please find all the information in the following document: Med-Ren-MAPS
Find your tramway and bus time schedule on STIB. Find your train time schedule on Railtime.


Parking in the ULB
If you need to park in ULB, please download the form below (Med Ren 2015 Parking) and put it on the dashboard the time you park in ULB. When you will pass the barrier monitoring, explain that you are part of the Medieval and Renaissance Music conference (you can show you authorisation to the camera).
You will have to park on the « Parking Janson »                      Downlaod the form:  Med Ren 2015 Parking