Fees and registration

Standard price
Four-day conf (6-9/7)
160,00 euros
60,00 euros
« Activité 1 »
One-day conference
60,00 euros
30,00 euros
« Activité 2, 4, 6 or 8»
Concert La Capilla (8/7)
20,00 euros
20,00 euros
« Activité 5 »
Walking dinner (9/7)
catering by Biorganic
45,00 euros
45,00 euros
« Activité 7 »
Concert Three Tenors (6/7)
Included in the fees
Fees for advertisers and book-stands:
Attended stand
Non-attended stand
Flyers in conference pack
250,00 euro
200,00 euros
« Activité » 3


The subscription form is now accessible here. Extra tickets for any of the activities can be bought by registering additional participants separately for the relevant activity.

Please note:

– the deadline for registering for the conference dinner is 28 June.

– to register, you must first fill in the form linked above, and ALSO send the payment form below to Anne-Sophie Fayt: fayt.annesophie@gmail.com. It is easiest if both forms are dealt with together. Anne-Sophie will confirm that your registration is complete. If you do not receive a confirmation email within a few days of registering and paying then please contact Anne-Sophie, as this means that something has gone wrong in the procedure.

your registration will only be complete after sending the payment form below

Once you will have filled in the form, you will get an automatic message inviting you to fill in and send the payment form, linked blow. THIS FORM CONTAINS ALL DETAILS FOR BANK TRANSFER.

Med Ren 2015 formulaire de paiement FRANCAIS 2

Med Ren 2015 payment form ENGLISH 2